We are dynamic and unconventional. Breaking fresh ground, broadening horizons, making connections. We are full of ideas, conceptual, skilful, free from styles and full of style. Sustainability, clarity, enthusiasm, freshness. These are some of the words that come to mind when describing our collaboration and practice. We have been working together structurally since 2002, combining over 30 years of experience under the name RO&AD architecten.

One of our strongest points is coming up with ideas. We are true idea makers. Concepts always come before design. Plans are stronger when design is firmly based on a good concept. Concepts can steer design in all stages, from development to execution. This results in plans that speak the same language on all levels, making them clear and transparent as well as well thought-out and layered. We seek out the essences and issues of an assignment and let them fertilize each other.

We have been working at making our building projects and products more sustainable for a number of years now. After having watched the documentary Cradle to Cradle , we became convinced that the cradle-to-cradle philosophy combined with our input can make a better, economically makeable and happier world. We therefore try to incorporate this insight into our designs as much as possible.